Interested in trying outrigger canoeing?

Join one of our Come and Try sessions to see if outrigging is right for you. The first three sessions are free. Click here to register your interest.

What You Need to Know

The Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club was formed in 1991 to foster the growth in the traditional ocean based Polynesian sport of outrigger canoeing and provide a community for like-minded sporting enthusiasts.

Becoming a Member

We offer up to 3 obligation free sessions, and, once completed, you will need to join our club if you are interested in continuing your paddling with us.

Steps to join the club:

Step 1: Register with AOCRA and pay their fee.

Step 2: Register here on the NOCC website by clicking on Join Us (for Seniors) in the menu bar and following the steps. For Junior memberships click on Juniors in the menu bar and follow the steps.

Step 3: Then, based on recommendations from the coaching crew, you will be welcomed into one of our training sessions.

Currently, NOCC offers 2 membership categories: Adult and Junior.
Membership is due on the 1st of October each year. We offer a pro-rata rate for any new members that join throughout the calendar year (half year, quarter year).

Membership fees

Membership fees are paid annually and expire on 30 September of each year. We also offer a half year membership that runs from April to end September.

Senior Membership

$280 per year

Family Membership

$600 per year for two adults and at least one child

Junior Membership

$120 per child

$180 for two or more children

AOCRA Membership

AOCRA is our national governing body and this membership covers your insurance and public liability.

A NOCC member must first register as an AOCRA paddler. AOCRA offer 2 types of membership, Adult and Junior, and this covers you for 12 months from the date you join up.

  • A renewal notice is sent 2 weeks before it is due.
  • Only one reminder is sent from AOCRA.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure this is paid.
  • Our Club Registrar only receives a¬†notification when this is paid.


  • Senior $70.00
  • Junior $45.00

AOCRA membership fees must be paid directly to AOCRA. Click here to register with AOCRA.

NOCC Values and Expectations

Being a member of NOCC is not only about paddling (although that is the most fun stuff). As with any volunteer sporting club, there is some further input required to make the club run smoothly, perform well and be a good, friendly and positive environment. Get involved – the club needs everyone to make it work.

The NOCC Committee make decisions based on the best interests of the members, the club, the zone and the sport. Our intention is to always be open and honest.

Committee members are often paddlers so if you have any ideas, concerns or if you want to take a more active role in the club, hit them up. We welcome anybody interested in doing more for the club.

We are not especially formal (most of us are in bare feet most of the time) but the following are basic expectations in the club environment:

  • Respect your crew, your club, your canoe (and all club gear).
  • Teamwork in and out of the Canoe.
  • Team performance over individual pursuits.
  • Encourage your fellow paddlers, the growth of the club and enthusiasm for the sport.
  • Healthy and fair competition.
  • Follow coaching instructions and keep dissension and disagreement to a bare minimum. Our aim is to have fun on the water.

Some Key Paddling Rules

Weather and Noosa Bar conditions are always considered pre-paddle by coaches and steerers. Tides, BOM forecasts, wind and wave heights are taken into account.

  1. A risk assessment must be completed and recorded by the club coach(s) before each paddling session.
  2. Paddling may only occur after all the risks have been assessed, the zone and local maritime rules have been considered, and the potential risks are deemed to be minimal.
  3. No paddling in any circumstance is allowed at any venue during a lightning storm (but rain is not a deterrent – its a water sport after all) or in high winds.
  4. Huli (capsize), swim and tread water exercises must be done annually by all paddlers.
  5. Canoe paddler entry and exit is always on the Ama (left) side and no paddler should stand between the beach and the canoe. Always position yourself on the wave side of the canoe.

Other Club Information


While we would dearly love our own clubhouse, we operate in a busy and in demand river frontage. Chaplin Park in the great outdoors is our home and launching pad.


Parking is available in the area.


Members regularly receive information and requests via emails from the club secretary, treasurer, president and coaches.